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Friday, July 5, 2013

$40,000 per year to attend a high school that will allow you to enter your "top choice university"?

I noticed a full page ad in the New York Times on Sunday. It was an announcement from Leman Manhattan Prep School that their newly graduated first class of “critical thinkers” will “enter their top choice universities.”

There was then a list of the top choice universities their graduates were going to attend. There are about 70 of them. They include:

Allegheny College
American University
Binghamton University
Bloomfield College
Boston University
University of Buffalo
Clark University
Connecticut College
University of Connecticut
SUNY Cortland
Curry College
Dickinson College
Drew University
Drexel University
Eckerd College
Elmira College
Elon University
Eugene Lang College
Farmingdale State College
Franklin Pierce College
Goucher College
Guilford College
University of Hartford
Hartwick College
High Point University
Howard University

OK. I am tired of typing. This is just A-H.

Students pay about $40,000 a year in tuition to attend Leman which seems to be capable of getting them into colleges that would take people who were paying a lot less tuition (or maybe just went to their regular high school.)

My main point is that getting into the “college that is your top choice” is so important that people have lost all of their senses about the fact that there are 4000 colleges in the United States most of whom are willing to take nearly anyone who applies. (Also going to college may not matter that much any more, but that is another column.)

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