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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Censorship Is Alive and Well in Education!

For years, before blogging was common, I wrote a column, posted on various websites since 1992 or so, called Education Outrage. In it, I made fun of, or simply criticized, the various folks -- newspapers and politicians usually, who opine about education and seem to only make things worse. Then District Administration, "the magazine of school district management" created a site called The Pulse, which is "Education's Place for Debate." I was invited to be one of the bloggers on that site which included an interesting group of folks. My first post created a stir and included comments from readers that I shouldn't be allowed to post there. Gary Stager, who seems an honorable fellow, kept me on nevertheless. Then their site crashed and when it came back up in a new format, my old posts were nowhere to be found. When I complained about this, I was told I would hear from the publisher and there had been a glitch. There hadn't been a glitch with Gary Stager's old posts I noted. Nor was there ever a letter or e-mail from the publisher. So, I guess school people are back doing what school people do, making sure "debate" represents only approved points of view.

Many people linked to my old posts, so in this blog I will post my old ones from the Pulse and from the original Education Outrage and other places if they are still relevant to today. And, I will attempt to link back to those who linked to my posts.

Eventually I will write some new ones.