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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't worry. Mr. Obama will fix the stupidity problem with more math and science

From today's Chronicle of Higher Education, just in time, we have the Obama administration deciding that:

Corporate donors encouraged by the Obama administration will spend at least $260-million over the next four years to help improve student achievement in mathematics and science through specially designed television programs and video games.

The plan, announced today by President Obama, will include new television programming fromSesame Street and Discovery Communications, as well as video games developed by Sony and other members of the Entertainment Software Association.

Sounds like a plan: get the voters who can't think (as illustrated below) to be able to think by teaching math and science to them. It's just that they didn't take enough algebra. That's why they can't explain why they like Sarah Palin.

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Elliot Soloway said...

The people interviewed are uniformed, that is painfully clear. But what is worse: they see the current President of the United States intentionally “destroying America.” The folks interviewed on the video say exactly that phrase repeatedly - Obama is destroying America. Disagreements on policy are expected, but if those folks really believe - which, if you take them at their word, they do - that the currently sitting President of the United States, elected by over 50% of the voters, is truly intent on destroying America, then Roger is right: those folks are stupid.