Monday, March 7, 2016

A look at a Trump University course we built

The attacks on Trump University are coming fast and furious. I wrote in my last piece why the accreditation issue is irrelevant. I don’t know what happened at Trump University after I left. The seminars may have been awful but I really don’t know. They also might not have been so bad. (Although I generally do not believe in that form of education.) What I do believe in is experiential education, learning by doing (rather than by listening) and just in time help from a mentor. And that is what we built at Trump University when I was there. Of course, I still build that sort of thing. These days our Data Analytic courses are hot and being offered by the University of Texas, and by Rutgers among others as well as by XTOL (who built them) itself, directly to corporations. 

But here, I thought, I should let people see for themselves what was being offered at Trump U when I was there. So, here is a  a link to the entrepreneurship courses we offered in 2006: 

You can look at them and click around on them. But what you are looking at is ten years old and probably lots of stuff doesn't work. I would just like people to see what we were trying to do, which was way ahead of its time.

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