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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Everyone should learn to code Mr Obama says; really? say it ain't so

Mr Obama thinks everyone should learn to code. As a computer scientist, I have to say that coding is a good thing to learn. But everyone? What is it with people who decide what everyone should do? Why is school so awful? Because people make statements like that and then enforce them. How would Mr Obama know what everyone should learn to do?

So, for fun, I typed “everyone should learn” into Google. Here are the things (besides coding which is there 100 times at least), that everyone should learn, according to the people who post to the internet.

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I propose the that we eliminate the silly everyone should learn history, algebra, chemistry, etc curriculum that we now have by the what the masses think.

So I have picked my new high school curriculum based on this list.

I think we should make every one learn to…

ballroom dance
play backgammon
design bathrooms
do basic accounting

This should be the first year of high school. Makes as much sense as “everyone should learn to code.”


Yogisimo said...

Your list is incomplete, how will students learn social media if they have no classes in it? Some seem to be doing a pretty good job of it on their own but they all should be forced to learn it since it's such a big deal now. Who knows, we may lose the next Steve Zuckerberg if they don't get the proper guidance. You say he learned it on his own, true but he just got lucky.

Unknown said...

I think what Yogisimo says here really shows the point. Though unwitting (s)he totally missed it (or perhaps the post was too »clever» for me and I'm screwed enough : )

Anyway, I hear a lot of old Moog synths on radio these days. A fact! It's actually a real big thing in the music industry. I think it's really important that everyone in school learn how to program them -- perhaps Obama too. It's a lot to learn, oscillators, filters, ENV's, saturation and such.

We need to understand that if we don't implement this -- we would risk missing the next Kraftwerk. What a terrible waste if that happens. Another problem is that the music industry won't find enough programmers. We all know the consequences of this. The economy will decline and unemployment will increase. I think it's time that we start to think about what our children actually need to learn. Learning to tweak Moog instruments is just one thing. We can do much more.

Thank you
HÃ¥kan Olsson

Mark said...

You must presume these high school students already to be sufficiently mature to *know* what they will some day need. I don't think that's right. There is a lot to learn, too much to get it all, surely, so specialization is needful, but it might not be right to push it down to earlier and earlier in life, or to expect the kids to guide it themselves.