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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Big Surprise: Pearson owns education; owns Common Core, and owns your kids

Big News! Big Surprise!

Pearson Wins Major Contract From Common-Core Testing Consortium

Just in case you ever wondered why every kid is constantly being tested and Common Core is making sure the tests don’t vary from place to place, the answer is BIG MONEY!

Pearson is in charge of our schools. Pearson doesn’t care about kids or education.  It cares about money. 

From Wikipedia:

Pearson is organised into three main business groupings: Pearson School, Pearson Higher Education and Pearson Professional (includes Financial Times Group and Pearson English). In 2011 Pearson generated total revenues of £5.9 billion, of which £4,390 million were from Pearson Education, £1,045 million from Penguin Group, and £427 million from Financial Times Group.[29] In 2011, 60% of Pearson's revenues were generated in North America, 23% in Europe, 11% in Asia, and 6% in the rest of the world. 

That’s pounds not dollars, so maybe a 10 billion dollar company earned on the premise that the more we test kids the more money they make. Between Bill Gates, and Pearson kids have no chance. For fun read articles like this one to see what they do and how:

What’s in Texas' $500 Million Testing Contract with Pearson?

Notice how this news never made it into any headlines in any major media any where? I wonder why not?

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